The Board of the Heritage League of Pierce County works hard to coordinate several workshops throughout the year. These workshops are intended to support our members in their efforts to expand their outreach.


The Heritage League of Pierce County is an all-volunteer organization that works to build up relationships between museums, historical societies, and other historically-minded public facilities in Pierce County. 


Every year at our annual meeting, the Heritage League of Pierce County recognized the outstanding heritage work carried out in our county by museum and community professionals. 


To support individual and group efforts to preserve local history in Pierce County;

To advance the well-being of museums, historical societies, and heritage organizations throughout Pierce County;
To provide technical assistance and information to individuals and groups pertaining to heritage preservation in Pierce County;
To establish communication with state and local governments relative to heritage preservation matters.



The Board of the Heritage League of Pierce County works hard to coordinate several workshops throughout the year. These workshops are intended to support our members in their efforts to expand their outreach, professionalize, and share their insights and expertise. We do workshops on topics ranging from how to safely store photographs to how to find great interns – anything that helps Heritage Organizations and museums grow and develop. We welcome suggestions for workshops from our members.

Grant Writing Workshop

Lauren Hoogkamer, City of Tacoma Assistant Historic Preservation Officer & Lissa Kramer, WSHS Heritage Capital Projects Fund Manager, will lead a discussion on the Dos and Don’ts of grant writing.

Historic Structures Workshop

On November 8 the Heritage League of Pierce County, with thanks to the Meeker Mansion and Puyallup Historical Society, presented a program on historic structures and the qualifications of national, state, and local historic registers. 

Chase Gardens Tour

Thank you to Chase Garden for hosting our spring member tour on May 23, 2017. A total of twelve HLPC members visited the gardens during peak bloom. Garden Director Lori Taylor provided information about the history of the garden. Lead Horticulturalist Will Clausen led a tour of the grounds under beautiful sunny skies.



Heritage work is important because it tells us of our common humanity. People of the past were just people, good and bad. By preserving and sharing their stories, we can highlight their achievements and address the mistakes and injustices that continue to impact us today.

Claire Keller-Scholz


There is a need to help others interact with history. Getting people engaged in the stewardship of their local history can seem daunting but is deeply rewarding. Once people feel that the history of their area is intertwined with their own narrative you get to see greater care for the area, the people, and the future. 

Chris Staudinger

Vice President

History is not objective, our job, in the heritage field, is important to making sure that stories that have been historically marginalized and silenced are heard. As a historic preservation professional, I want to ensure that our built environment represents and meets the needs of our diverse community.

Lauren Hoogkamer

Board Member

The preservation of heritage and the presentation of history (good, bad, or other) helps put our present into context. With that context and the appreciation of our past, we can move forward as a society and strive for a better future.

Erik W. Flint

Board Member

Holly Stewart joined the Heritage League of Pierce County in 2016 and has served as secrteary since 2017. She belives heritage is important because is helps us better understand the places we call home and can foster cross-cultural connections. 

Holly works at Job Carr Cabin Museum, where she oversees the Museum’s programs related to education, volunteer resources, community outreachm and public events. Additionally, she is a member of the City of Tacoma’s Landmarks Preservation Commison. 

Holly Stewart


Local history can be a powerful tool for connecting people to their community and the world beyond. The organizations that preserve and interpret local history play an important role in facilitating dialogue about the past so that we can better understand the present. The Heritage League of Pierce County is committed to helping these organizations thrive so that they can continue with this vital work.

Allison Campbell


Laurel Lemke

Board Member

Susan Johnson


Brendan Balaam



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